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Latest Notification/Amendments

S.No. Title Attachment File
41 Notifications (PG Act, 1972) 25.03.2015 Download (1.55 MB) pdf
42 Notification for Administrative Charges 2.02.2015 Download (131.44 KB) pdf
43 Benguluru EPFAT Notification Download (85.29 KB) pdf
44 Notification for enhancement of wage ceiling Download (3.87 MB) pdf
45 PG Act (Appointment of Controlling Authority and Appellate Authority) Notifications Download (276.49 KB) pdf
46 Notification regarding coverage of municipalities under the EPF&MP Act, 1952 Download (37.63 KB) pdf
47 Notificaiton for stoppage of option of commutaiton under EPS, 1995 Download (300.09 KB) pdf
48 Reconstitution of the Executive Committee, CBT Download (169.74 KB) pdf
49 Interest on Inoperative Accounts Download (82.88 KB) pdf
50 Coverage of Establishments Download (44.87 KB) pdf